We at The Construction Studio have successfully established a thriving, trustworthy business in a highly competitive industry by putting our client’s vision first.


We work closely with developers and our partners in the industry to create history. We deliver with pride and want everyone involved to feel the same pride in striving to deliver another eye-catching addition to the skyline.


We don’t just ‘deliver on budget and on time to a high quality’ like everyone else tries to, we over deliver. We hand maximum value so our clients get what they want.


Achieving budget, without delay, and to a high quality can be a balancing act. We collaborate intimately with our clients to determine exactly what their needs are and then work tirelessly, using innovative solutions and professional building practices to exceed their expectations every time.


Using a trusted pool of reliable suppliers and subcontractors here and abroad, we have built these strong relationships over the decades to ensure our clients have peace of mind in terms of our capacity to deliver.


We specialise in delivering medium to high rise multi-residential projects as well as local government and infrastructure projects. We deliver these projects cost effectively with extreme emphasis on ‘safety first’. Our team is made up of a competent and diverse family of individuals with the eye for detail, construction expertise and ambition to deliver projects monumentally large or beautifully small.